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AHA &BHA in Daily Deep Cleanser


AHA &BHA in Daily Deep Cleanser

Zarzou has come up with yet another mindblowing product, and this time its not another serum nor a mist. Yeap, it’s a cleanser! Looking like Zarzou is lining up with a complete skincare regime huh? Slowly but surely.

So, what about this new product? is it just a typical cleanser? we’ll tell you all about it, but first – it is not “just a cleanser”.

It is an exfoliating cleanser that has the ability to slough away your dead skin cells and degunk your congested pores hence leaving your skin with a new, flawless skin cells! Some of you might freak out hearing about AHA and BHA but I promise you, this one is worth the try.

But wait, wouldn’t it be too harsh having too many acids in one cleanser? The answer is, nope not too harsh because its only 4% of the total AHA & BHA. If you’re still worried about it, another good thing you’d want to hear is that it’s a wash-off product that does not stay on your skin for too long. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about irritation or dryness.

AHA in Daily Deep Cleanser

If you haven’t already known, there is a long list of Alpha Hydroxy Acid and, Daily Deep Cleanser (DDC) is formulated with at least half of that list! lets get to know each one of them and how it works on your skin.

  • Glycolic Acid

Naturally found in sugar cane fruit, it is a water-soluble acid that has the smallest molecular weight. With that in mind, it can penetrate deeper into the dermis hance being the most effective chemical exfoliant. That comes in great consequence which is a high risk of irritation and dryness if your skin can’t tolerate it. Despite that, if it is used correctly and gradually on skin, your skin could benefit a lot from it such as:

  1. Increase rate of cell turnover
  2. Stimulate increase of collagen production
  3. Reduce hyperpigmentation
  • Lactic Acid

This AHA is famous for its unique feature which it exfoliates while firming your skin at the same time. How does it have the ability to do that? Lactic acid is found to improve your skin’s hydration at which it increases the capability of your skin to accept and hold in moisture thus keeping your skin hydrated throughout the day. A long-term effect can be seen with a plump, wrinkle-free and firmer skin. Meanwhile, its exfoliating properties is said to be gentle on the surface level of your skin as it has a medium molecular weight compared to other AHA’s. This exfoliant is great for people with sensitive skin and dry skin can benefit the most from it as well. Its anti-bacterial properties may benefit acne-prone skin as it can diminish all kinds of bacteria including acne-causing bacteria thus reducing your risk of acne.

  • Mandelic Acid

Finally, the largest molecular weight AHA of them all. This exfoliant is usually found in combination with other AHA as it does not give a strong exfoliating effect to the skin if used alone. Despite that, it is packed with anti-inflammatory and anti-acne hence will help clear your acne problem! It is also famously known for its brightening by exfoliating your dead skin cells.  

BHA in Daily Deep Cleanser

  • Salicylic acid

We couldn’t just leave out BHA while we’re at, can we? That’s why we included a 2% of salicylic acid to complete your exfoliating experience. Meanwhile, we chose the most common BHA because we know, everyone will love it, especially oily-prone skin. Salicylic acid has the ability to attract oil as it is oil-soluble hence if you have oily skin, it will absorb the excess sebum that is overproduced by your glands. We can say that salicylic acid is an oil-control ingredient as it keeps your oil production at bay. While it exfoliates through your pores, it decongests all the buildups of keratin, dead skin cells, excess oil and impurities. Once you have cleaner pores, say goodbye to acne including whitehead and blackhead!

Can salicylic acid content causes dryness? Yes, there is a risk of having unusual dryness from salicylic acid usage IF you used it too much that it could be removing too much of your oil. That is why we have formulated a perfect ratio for daily usage that won’t cause you to over-exfoliate which leads to dryness.

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