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Skincare Pilling: 5 Tips To Prevent

Skincare Pilling: 5 Tips To Prevent

What is Pilling?

Have you ever experienced little flakes clumping up as you rub skincare products onto your skin. In some cases, you rub even harder as you thought it might sink it. But the truth is, your skincare products have gone to waste as its actually coming off from your skin instead of absorbing. This phenomenon is called skincare flaking and there are various reasons that causes this. Let’s get to know them and learn how to avoid this form of skincare wastage!

What Causes Pilling?

  • incomplete product absorption – The most common reason to cause skincare pilling is when you don’t allow enough time for your skincare product to absorb, before moving on to the next step. For instant, you thought your damp skin is okay to have another product on, and then you go straight into applying the next step. Although people say its best to apply on damp skin as our skin act like sponges in damp condition, it is not always the case.
  • wrong order of application – Another unsung criminal in skincare routine! Not only it can cause skin pilling, it can also make your skincare less effective as layering is such an important factor in determining the effectiveness of your routine. Applying thicker products which takes longer time to absorb, and sometimes thick products are meant to sit on your skin. applying another gel product for example, will cause both the products to peel off.
  • the different type of ingredients layered – Incompatibility of products could also be the culprit to skincare pilling especially when you apply them when its not completely absorbed yet, like the first case. the differences in ingredient could cause insolubility between the products, which ends up crumpling and falling off from your skin.

What Ingredients Causes Pilling

  • Silicones and dimethicone

This ingredient is commonly found in moisturizer and is useful in giving skin feel and smooth texture appearance. It is meant to sit on the top of your skin, forming a barrier for your skin to prevent transerpidermal water loss. Applying another product on top of it will result in pilling and definitely a waste of time to start again.

  • Polymer

This is usually found in gel-based product, If you don’t let it absorb completely, the gel-like texture most probably is still there sitting on your skin, and no matter if you pat or rub, it will definitely come off. This is how cause of skincare pilling.

  • Sparkles and SPF

The trickiest last part of your routine which include ingredients like Talc, mica, iron oxide and zinc inside either your sunscreen or foundation (if you wear makeup). Again, its meant to sit on your skin, not absorb therefore rubbing them will cause pilling of course. Tell me you’ve experienced your foundation scrapping off as you continue spreading, and finally turns into a disaster. 

5 Useful Tips To Prevent Pilling

1. Wait for a minute or two between skincare steps.

Based on the causes stated just now, what you’d want to do is to wait a minute or two between skincare steps to allow your skin to absorb the product and only move on to the next step when your skin is dry to the touch. Not only it can avoid skincare pilling, it also allows your product to work to its fullest potential.

2. Minimize the number of products in your skincare routine.

You got it right, the less the better! You wouldn’t want your skin to to pile up with a bunch of skincare products which will cause your more time to spend, and if you don’t got that time, you’ll end up just pilling them and they will start to peel off of your skin.

3. Pat instead of rub your products.

Patting your products onto your skin instead of strong rubbing might cause products to ball up. This is the basics in skincare, not only it’ll cause the peeling of little granules, excessive rubbing will cause redness and irritation, especially for sensitive skin.

4. Layer compatible ingredients of skincare products in the right order.

As mentioned above, layering is an important factor for skincare effectiveness. You’d want to start from the thinnest layer, and water-based products first. Then move forward with thicker based product and pro tip, oils and occlusive always go last.

5. Exfoliate regularly.

Now, you might seem to think that this doesn’t have anything to do with pilling as your skincare is the one pilling, instead of your skin. Correct, but exfoliating does help shed and slough off your dead skin cell layer to avoid your skincare pilling on top of it. Exfoliating also does help with better skincare absorption and directly prevents skincare pilling. You may try to check on ZarZou’s Daily Deep Cleanser (DDC) as well.

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