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What To Know About Daily Deep Cleanser (DDC)


What To Know About Daily Deep Cleanser (DDC)

Have you seen our newly launched baby; Daily Deep Cleanser? Of course, you have, you just don’t know enough about it which makes you wonder if you should get it or not! So, we’ll tell you all about it in detail, to justify your purchase even more.

So, what is Daily Deep Cleanser?

Daily Deep Cleanser has been introduced as an exfoliating cleanser, instead of a typical morning cleanser. With that being said, it is supposed to have a low pH level considering the acids content in it. Even so, DDC’S pH level has been buffered to 5.5, making it gentle for the facial skin.

Containing great soothing ingredients, it sheds off your upper layer of the skin, while soothes the inflammation, rid all the irritants and oil impurities along the way. With continuous usage, you’ll get to experience a firmer and well hydrated skin, leaving you with an ageless look.

As we know, there are many types of exfoliating products varying from different ingredients and concentration. The question is, what about Daily Deep Cleanser?

Here’s all you need to know about DDC!

Formulated with 2% AHA and 2% BHA, it is suitable for daily usage or even twice a day, as our skin can tolerate up to 5% of exfoliants daily. Now I know, the math doesn’t add up. But to think of it, DDC is after all, a wash-off product hence does not stay on the skin for too long to cause dryness or irritation. That’s why we said that it’s okay to use it twice a day.

Another thing is, DDC is specifically designed for everyone. This includes beginners; people who are new to exfoliating products, people with advanced experiences in exfoliation as well. Why? as stated above, it’s always good to kickstart your exfoliation game with a mild product and a wash-off ones, instead of the leave-on products. This helps to reduce the risk that we’re so worried about when it comes to actives – irritation, dryness, breakout, redness and inflammation.

For the advanced, you can think of DDC as a start-up to your exfoliation process, you’re free to continue with another exfoliants, if that makes your skin happy. You can even add other actives in one routine if irritation doesn’t occur. What we’re trying to say is, DDC is too mild to cause side effects hence its safe to use with retinol, or benzoyl peroxide in one routine.

Enough with exfoliating, let’s talk about something simple and the main function of a cleanser. Usually, people choose their skincare product based on their skin type for example, dry skin type tends to pick cream-based cleanser because it contains hydrating ingredients that their skin needs. What about a daily deep cleanser? As mentioned, it is suitable for everyone and it’s not focused on only one skin type even though its in a gel form. Why? Even with gel texture, it contains hydrating surfactants and emollients that keeps your skin moisture at bay. Now that’s hydration checklist ticked. DDC also does its job at removing dirt and oil by binding its foamy lather with them. The best part about DDC is; it does all of this cleansing and exfoliating, without stripping off your natural oil which is one of the typical problem with cleansers.

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  1. Nur amirah Abd jabbar

    Hello, i have a concern right now, im oily skin and have scsr of acne.. i try to use DDC for the first time. After using DDC at first time, my skin breakout badly. The acne coming out suddenly. Do i need to stop using DDC or what?

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