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Why Is Cruelty-Free Buzzing Right Now

Why Is Cruelty-Free Buzzing Right Now

do you really know the origin and processes to produce all the skincare and cosmetic products you have been putting on your face? If you haven’t started wondering, well it’s time that you should because without you knowing, the beauty industry could have exploit it more than you can imagine. What kind of exploitation are we talking about? It is no other than animal exploitation that has been going on for a long time since god knows when.

The fundamental of production of skincare and cosmetic is research and development whereby tests and experiments are conducted. This is the part where animals are used as their test subject to determine a lot of factors including toxicity, carcinogenicity, corrosion, irritation and sensitization. These lab animals are poisoned, gassed, burned and killed in the process of producing new cosmetic lines to be sold in the market.

Big brands and companies have been practising animal cruelty to collect data and use them as a form of defence if they are sued by injured consumers. Another major reason is because these big brands want to penetrate through China’s market at which they must abide by China’s regulatory law where they require animal testing on imported cosmetic.

What’s more devastating is that they have a choice, and they chose animal testing over being responsible to the planet. Just like them, we too have a choice to choose and as a responsible consumer, we shall decide on things that makes the world a better place. There have been campaigns and movement on this issue and one of it is “Cruelty-free”. What is it really?  


What is Cruelty Free?

Cruelty free is a label for products in the skincare and cosmetic industry which do not harm or kill animals. If seen on products, it means that neither the product nor ingredient have been tested on animal.

Recently, a short video #SaveRalph has gone viral for its mockumentary-style depiction of the cruelty of animal testing and the inhumane treatment these animals suffer which inevitably ends in death. If the video has moved you, and made you wonder what you could do to make a change, here’s the list.


  • Spread the knowledge!


This is by far the simplest thing you could do as technology is at your fingertips. Might sound simple, but the impact is astounding. When this issue is heard by consumers all over the world, it could be an eye opener for them to choose the better option in skincare and cosmetics.


  • Ban Products that test on animals


Almost all big brands are involved in animal testing which have contributed to over 115 million of animal abuse each year. One way to stop them is to exclude them in your shopping list. Afterall, they are big because their consumers are large in number. If you’re aware about this issue, this is one of the most effective way to stop them from exploiting the animals. When they realize that their numbers are decreasing because of this issue, this will surely give them pressure to their business and a hard time thinking of the alternatives.


  • Options for Cruelty-Free products


The next big thing you could do is to support cruelty-free products that is evolving in today’s market. Besides supporting them, you are also doing good by yourself because cruelty free products contain less chemical that is bad for your skin. On top of that, you’re giving a vision to producers about your cruelty-free preference so that they will consider making their product this way.


  • Be a part of Animal Right Movement


If you’re not on the cruel side, then Animal Right Movement is the perfect side for you. You can help this movement to achieve its goal to put an end to animal exploitation across the world. This effort might look small to you but not to these animals that’s crying for help.


Why Choose Cruelty Free Brands?


  • Healthier, cheaper and mostly free from bad chemicals


If you still don’t know, these products are tested on animal because of their high content of chemicals which may be risky for human consumption. In order to testify their safety, they test it on animals first-hand. Of course, the animal testing would contribute to bigger cost hence why products that are tested on animals are more expensive.


  • Save animals for a better world


Animals, just like us deserve a life of their own with freedom to roam around. It is our responsibility to at least let them live freely if not provide that life for them.


  • Promote positive change in the beauty industry


The beauty industry is in need of a new face – a clean beauty, not just clean in terms of the ingredients but also a clean production and clean from any inhumane activities like animal testing.


  • Animal testing on cosmetics is unnecessary


Another mindblown truth that is so hard to swallow is that animal testing is actually a choice, it’s not even necessary. These big brands actually have a choice not to torture these innocent animals, but they still do it for their own benefits.


List of Cruelty-Free Brands


Here are some brands that is certified as cruelty-free brands because they have successfully complied with the following conditions:


  • The brand doesn’t test on animals.
  • The ingredients suppliers do not test on animals.
  • The brand products are not sold in China.
  • The brand’s parent company must also be cruelty-free.
  • The brand does not outsource animal testing to third party.



Brands That Are Not Cruelty-Free


The list below is some of the brands that are not cruelty-free due to many reasons. One of it is because they are involved in animal testing. There are some that do not test on animals, but they are owned by parent company that is engaged in that activity hence why they are included in this list. 



Cruelty Free Kitty

Animal Ethics

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